How to Customize Password Resetting Page in Meteor

Meteor Already has a built-in password reset mechanism.
Normally, you would use it with the accounts-ui package.
But things become tricky when you want to customize the password resetting page.
In this article, I will walk you through on how to implement your own password resetting page in Meteor.

Typically, the resetting procedure is like this:

  1. Use Accounts.sendResetPasswordEmail to send an email containing a link to the user.
  2. The user click the link to reset password.

The link would be similiar to this:domainName/#/reset-password/token.
When the user click on this link, the default page implemented with Blaze would appear.

To work around this, you can change the link structure with the following snippet.

Accounts.emailTemplates.resetPassword = {
from: ()=> "",
subject: ()=> "Reset Your Account Password",
text: (user, url)=> {
const newUrl = url.replace("#/reset-password", "setpswd");
return `Hi,Click the Link below to reset your password:\n${newUrl}`;

In this way, the link sent to the user would become domainName/setpswd/token.
Now you can write your own version of password resetting page served on this address with whatever framework you like.
Then get the token from the the link address mentioned above as well as the new password and you are ready to go.
When you are done, invoke Accounts.resetPassword(token, newPassword, [callback]) on the client side to reset the password for the user.